Zomato in trouble again has to pay Rs 1 lakh for breeding mosquitoes

Zomato has another controversy tagged to its name, and this one is solely its doing. Yesterday, Zomato’s Chennai office was fined a challan of Rs 1 lakh for not maintaining hygiene which led to the breeding of mosquitoes.

Zomato’s Chetpet office in Chennai near the Greater Chennai Corporation had a little too many food delivery bags thrown on the office building’s terrace. The bags had accumulated water in them and had become a large breeding ground for mosquitoes.

The health officials confirmed the presence of discarded food delivery bags and mosquitoes during an inspection on October 18. The Rs 1 lakh fine comes in line with Greater Chennai Corporation’s anti-mosquito operation.

Zomato has acknowledged the fine it incurred and is expected to deposit the fine by October 23.

Tamil Nadu has been hit by a large number of Dengue cases, therefore, the state is carrying out inspections to control mosquito breeding.

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