Zomato Delivery Guy Aka ‘Roll Kaku’ From Kolkata Feeds Poor Kids With Cancelled Orders, Wins Hearts Everywhere

Team Latestly

Kindness doesn't cost a thing goes a popular saying and it is heartwarming to see some examples living up to it. Today food delivery applications are lifesavers in the busy work style. So people end up ordering more food online. But not all orders make it to the final customer, some get cancelled on the way of delivery, for whatever reasons. A Zomato delivery executive from Kolkata Pathikrit Saha is making the most of it, by distributing the food among street kids. His story is warming up all the folks about goodness in society. Differently-Abled Zomato Delivery Boy Going Viral for Delivering Food on His Tricycle; Twitterati Inspired and Motivated (Watch video).

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Pathikrit Saha has got a nickname of 'Roll Kaku' because of his habit. Not just the cancelled delivery orders, but he also keeps feasts for the underprivileged kids from time to time. His love for them goes beyond just giving food, but he also teaches them on some evenings. Speaking about his story he mentioned to a website EffortsForGood he mentioned his story began almost 4 years ago. He had slapped a begging child thinking he was drug addicted. He was exposed to the harsh reality of not just him but even other kids who are forced to beg and bring money by their mothers. He decided to work for their betterment.

Speaking about the good work he was quoted to them, "Earlier, I used to work at Kolkata Municipal Corporation, but I quit my job to devote my entire time to the kids. But, I have to run my family as well, so last year around July, I started working as a delivery executive with Zomato. This is when I befriended a kind-hearted restaurant owner in Dumdum, who stepped into my team after learning about my kids. " He mentioned some of the cancelled orders and excess food from the restaurants also goes to the kids. Zomato Customer Refund Query Gets 'Maa Kasam, Milega Refund' Response, Reddit Goes Crazy.

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View Pics of Zomato Delivery Executive With His Street Kids:

His story is really inspiring and over the years he has only progressed in his efforts to provide for these children. As he proudly says, "To the rest of Kolkata, I am a food delivery guy with Zomato, but to a group of budding youngsters in Dumdum Cantonment and across Bengal, I am an elder brother they can always confide in." It is really a great effort by Saha and a lot of other delivery guys can also take the same practice. The world can do so much better with more such people.