Zomato Delivery Boy With 11 Kids in 7 Years of Marriage Gets Condom as a Tip!

Riddhi Jadhav

Food delivery application Zomato has quiet some funny tales on the internet. Be it their responses to the customer queries or some complaints from the customers, the exchange has been most of the times in a lighter vein. But a certain tweet by a customer giving an actual tip (wise words) to the Zomato delivery boy is making the internet laugh out loud. Zomato application always provides a bit of information about their executive on their order confirmation page. The idea is to encourage the customer to add a tip for the executive. But in one of the bios of their delivery executive, it showed the guy had 11 kids in seven years of his marriage! On this, the customer commented "Please ask him to use condom" as an actual tip. No sooner, the tweet went viral and netizens had some funnier responses to the information. Differently-Abled Zomato Delivery Boy Going Viral for Delivering Food on His Tricycle; Twitterati Inspired and Motivated (Watch video).

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A Twitter user by the name @Squirrel_Soul tweeted a screenshot of Zomato's order confirmation page, with the bio of the assigned delivery executive. It read, "Mohd can speak Hindi and English. He is from Delhi, India. He is married for 7 years and has 4 daughters and 7 sons." Below this was the stipulated option of adding a tip for Mohd. The user gave an actual tip for Mohd asking Zomato to ask him to use a condom. While the netizens laughed at the suggestion, others called him an actual "delivery boy", get it? Zomato Delivered Toys to a Little Boy Who Messaged Them to Send Gifts, Internet Can't Stop Awwing!

Check The Customer's Tweet About Tip to Zomato Delivery Boy:

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Here is how the netizens reacted with even funnier suggestions.

Literal Delivery Boy

Quick Delivery

joint Business

What a Ninja

Give Him an Award Already

Cricket Team in the Making

A lot of people were also curious about how is it even possible for his wife to have 11 kids in seven years! Well, we don't know for sure, but there is a possibility of the technical glitch in here while writing the bio. It would be interesting to see if Zomato actually replies to this tweet. Given their witty ways of replying to their customers, we won't be surprised if they too come up with a quirky response.