Zee Digital CEO shares growth mantra of ‘India.com’

New Delhi, Apr 19 (ANI): Zee Digital CEO Rohit Chadda shared growth mantra of ‘India.com’ after the website seen a tremendous growth of over 10x in one year. “We have seen tremendous growth in last one year. Crossing 75 million unique monthly visitors mark in March 2021 versus a 7.4 million unique users mark in April 2020, India.com created a new milestone in its growth story. This is a growth of over 10x. It’s been phenomenal. The next phase of growth in content is going to be about the 3Vs - Video, Vernacular and Voice, we've brought video to the forefront in the new product. The mobile UX gives our users a whole new Watch section where users can watch Live TV and VOD from 14 News channels across 6 languages,” said Zee Digital CEO Rohit Chadda.