After Zarina Wahab And KRK, Kangana’s Sister Rangoli Chandel Blasts Aditya Pancholi On Twitter – Read Tweets

Mehfooz Abbasi
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After Zarina Wahab And KRK, Kangana’s Sister Rangoli Chandel Blasts Aditya Pancholi On Twitter – Read Tweets

Aditya Pancholi gets bulldozed by Rangoli Chandel on Twitter

Kangana Ranaut‘s exes Aditya Pancholi, Hrithik Roshan and Adhyayan Suman are at the centre of a storm after Kangana erupted on senior journalist Rajat Sharma’s show, Aap Ki Adalat.  Aditya Pancholi had rubbished her allegations calling Kangana a “mad girl” and even threatened to sue her for defaming him. As per fresh reports, Aditya has challenged Kangana to show the world the FIRs which prove she’s telling the truth, which was followed by Kangana’s sister and former manager Rangoli Chandel in another series of fuming tweets on Twitter.

Talking about Aditya in an interview with Barkha Dutt, Kangana had said, “He got an apartment for me but didn’t allow my friend to come there. It was a kind of house arrest. I later went to the police and they took care of it.” In an interaction with SpotBoye, Aditya responded to this saying, “Kangana is lying through her teeth. If she had filed an FIR, I want her to show it to the world. Even if she claims that she has lost the copy, I would want her to tell the world why police station did she file it in, extract the copy from that police station, and throw it out in public. Can she please accept this small challenge? It’s really a small challenge because if she has filed it, the whole exercise wouldn’t take her long. But if she hasn’t, which she actually hasn’t, I think she will stand exposed.”

Rangoli took to Twitter to react to Aditya’s “challenge” as she fired a series of angry tweets which read: “Why should the reigning Queen of the film industry should scum to this small time goons bullying ……Who hs multipl cmplns n cases on hm lyk mlstation neghbrs physcl asolt n on duty polc officers beatin……lso hs wyf brags bout hs afairs n d son is a part f a runin murdr case, y sud Kangana bothr with dis family f d millennium..Y cn’t he himself go 2 Versova Police station and chek 10 years old recrds 2 remov the complain dat he wans 2 see 2day in 2017?,” she wrote.

Above is the tweet which Rangoli only just shared, which suggests that Pancholi had admitted that Kangana had filed a complaint. She shared the link and captioned it as: “Link frm 2007 whre Pancholi admitd dat kangana filed a complain nw in 2017 he seems lyk a serous case of memry los”