Zach Lavine dunks all over JaKarr Sampson, prompting reprimand from Stacey King

Sometimes, contesting the charging ball-handler attacking the rim in the NBA is the right call.

Sometimes, it’s best to just get out of the way. Especially when the guy with the ball is a two-time slam dunk contest winner.

This case is an example of the latter.

The big question here is what’s better? Zach Lavine’s dunk against the Sacramento Kings on Monday or the call from former Chicago Bulls color commentator Stacey King.

“Stop it Sampson! Did you not get the memo!? … Why, Sampson, why?”

That is quality analysis from the three-time NBA champion turned broadcaster. Excellent questions.

That was not a quality decision from Sacramento forward JaKarr Sampson. The next time Lavine comes charging his way, hopefully, for his sake, he’ll do the right thing and get out of the way.

Associated Press