Yuvi: Huge impact on my life


Bangalore: Lance Armstrong has been at the centre of stunning developments, but Yuvraj Singh continues to see him as a "pillar of inspiration" and a "real life hero."

For the record, Lance has (rather uncharacteristically) chosen not to fight the drug charges brought against him by the US Anti-Doping Agency, which has stripped him of his unprecedented seven Tour de France titles.

"I know nothing about the doping scandal... All I know is that Lance fought an even more serious form of cancer and his CV shows seven Tour de France wins...

"It's not proper for me to comment on a subject I'm ignorant about... Lance is my inspiration and, clearly, he's a real life hero... I'm not going to judge him on the basis of controversies, but the way he beat (testicular) cancer...

"Lance has had a huge impact on my life and, I'm sure, on the lives of many others... His Livestrong Foundation has raised millions of dollars in charity and my own YouWeCan has been inspired by him," Yuvraj told The Telegraph.

YouWeCan has been set up by the Yuvraj Singh Foundation, which came into being in 2009. Close associates of Yuvraj went to Austin in Texas, where Livestrong is headquartered, before giving shape to YouWeCan.

Yuvraj hasn't spoken to Lance, but they've exchanged messages and the latter sent "gifts" when Yuvraj was undergoing chemotherapy in Indianapolis.

"Hopefully, one day, YouWeCan will also be able to raise funds like Livestrong... Lance is always going to act as an inspiration," Yuvraj signed off.

Yuvraj is preparing for his India comeback, expected to be in Vizag, on September 8. His last appearance was in Calcutta, in November 2011.