YouTube star Jasmine Brown surprises mom with new beauty line at Walgreens, and her reaction is priceless

YouTuber Jasmine Brown shows off her new false lashes collaboration with Eylure. (Photo: Courtesy of Eylure)

YouTube beauty star and makeup maven Jasmine Brown is celebrating the launch of her latest collaboration with false lashes brand Eylure, and no one is more excited than her No. 1 fan, her mom.

Brown shared a video on Twitter of her mom’s reaction to seeing the new fake eyelashes style in her local Walgreens, and it’s giving users all the feels. “This really made me wanna cry, she’s such a proud mama,” says one viewer. Not only is her mom proud to see her daughter’s face on the packaging, but she is brought to tears when she discovers that the new addition to the collection, Francis So Pretty, is named after her. “This is my daughter!” she tells the store employee, waving the package in the air. “She named them after me!”

The heartwarming clip, which Brown tells Yahoo Lifestyle she and her brother planned at the last minute, has racked up more than 684,000 views on Twitter. “I saw that my new lashes were out in some Walgreens stores, and I never told my mom the names of the lashes, so I started to freak out a little bit because I didn’t want her to see them before I got to show her or surprise her,” Brown explains. She quickly called up her brother, who was with their mom at the time, and asked him to drive her to Walgreens and film her reaction.

As to why she decided to name the lashes after her mom, Brown says, “My mom has never really worn lashes until my lashes came out with Eylure, so when I did my third lash, I thought to do a nice natural lash that she and everyone else could wear every day.”

Her mom may be her biggest fan, but Brown credits both parents for supporting her career in the beauty industry. “I’m super-grateful I have parents that always have been so supportive from the beginning,” she says. “But one very important thing my mom has always told me since I was little, that I really believe has helped me a lot, is that it doesn’t matter how pretty you are on the outside, it’s all about what’s on the inside. It’s very true and I believe has helped me in my career. Because being ugly and negative to others doesn’t get you anywhere — but having a positive mind and soul can.”

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