YouTube is soon going to allow you to livestream from within your primary smartphone camera app

tech2 News Staff

In a bid to lure users away from broadcasting services like Twitch, YouTube has finally launched a feature that lets users livestream from directly within the Chrome browser.

A 3D-printed YouTube icon. Image: Reuters

A 3D-printed YouTube icon. Image: Reuters

Users now can simply click on the "Go Live" option from the YouTube header bar or visit However, Google stated in a blog post that this option currently works only on the Chrome browser and that other browsers will have the feature added soon.

The addition would come as a welcome surprise for a host of video bloggers who would earlier need to install an encoder verified by YouTube Live. This encoder would then work to send content from the desktop, camera and microphone to YouTube Live in order for the stream to happen.

YouTube also announced that it is soon going to let users livestream from within most default smartphone applications. The company stated in the blog post that it is working with smartphone makers such as Asus, LG, Motorola, Nokia and Samsung to begin with and that the feature should start rolling out in the coming months.

With >YouTube Gaming being a direct competitor to common broadcasting services such as Twitch, Google is definitely trying to make it easier for users to livestream content on its platform. We do hope that the feature makes its way to smartphones soon enough and that YouTube works with more smartphone vendors.

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