Your view: Should nationwide lockdown be reimposed with COVID-19 cases on the rise?

India's COVID-19 cases crossed 600,000 on Thursday. As many as 100,000 cases were reported in just the last 5 days. Nearly all the states across the country have accounted for this steep rise.

While the nationwide lockdown called by the government played a great role in containing the spread of the pandemic, the economy took a huge hit following which the unlock strategy was implemented. Yet, COVID-19 cases are on the rise since unlock 1.0.

In view of this alarming increase in cases, do you think unlock 2.0 should be implemented with more stringent restrictions? Do you think citizens should be more responsible and recognise the grave risks involved and continue maintaining social distancing?

Or do you think a nationwide lockdown, with essential services and some economic leeway, is the best way to ensure curb on further spread of the virus?

Share your views below...

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