Youngsters in J-K paint beautiful graffiti on road to create COVID-19 awareness

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Volunteer of Red Cross Society in Jammu (Photo/ANI)
Volunteer of Red Cross Society in Jammu (Photo/ANI)

Jammu (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], May 26 (ANI): Coming forward to help the country in its fight against COVID-19 pandemic, youth in Jammu and Kashmir have made beautiful paintings on road to create awareness among people about the deadly virus.

In a unique initiative taken by the Red Cross Society in collaboration with the Jammu district administration, the artists headed out for creative expression to paint COVID-themed street arts to caution people against the disease and stress on the importance of following all health protocols. They also took this opportunity to praise the efforts of frontline workers.

Rajat Salgotra, a volunteer at the Red Cross Society said that a key part of their art work is that it highlights social distancing aspects and makes people aware about the standard operating procedures."Until people start taking the initiative on an individual level, we cannot prevent transmission of the virus," he said.

Elaborating on their initiative, he said that they will be painting on different districts of Jammu to create awareness. "Since the number of cases and death toll significantly increased in Jammu, our first painting gave a message - "If there's life there's hope" - to depict that our lives come first," he said.

On the ongoing COVID vaccination drive in Jammu and Kashmir, he said that there was hesitancy among people when vaccination drives initially started in the Union Territory.

"We also tried to make people aware about the vaccination drive with our paintings that gave the message: "Get yourselves vaccinated. Be scared of corona and not injections"," the Red Cross Society volunteer added.

Another volunteer present on the streets of Jammu, Manisha said, "Coronavirus has instilled fear in people. With these paintings, we want to give a message that we are with the public and there is no need to be scared. We have to face this virus together and at the same time protect our families."

A kid, named Priya Gupta, who enthusiastically participated in the drive, recited a poem while speaking to ANI.

She asserted, "We do not have to be scared of the virus, we have to fight it."

According to official data, Jammu and Kashmir has 44,918 active cases of COVID-19, while 3,662 people have succumbed to the disease so far. (ANI)

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