Meet Young Prodigy Sara Chhipa Who Set World Record For Naming 196 Countries’ Currencies And Capitals

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Memorising the names of countries and their capitals is no easy feat. But 10-year-old Sara Chhipa, an Indian girl living in Dubai has earned thundering applause for pulling off this feat. She has set a world record for memorising the names of all 196 official countries in the world and their capital cities and currencies, respectively.

All the previous record holders named countries and their capitals only. But Chhipa added another dimension to it by naming the respective currencies of the countries as well.

Sara Chhipa
Sara Chhipa

The virtual event, which has been officially recorded with the Guinness Book of Records, was hosted by Brain Rhyme, Singapore and held live on Facebook and YouTube. Representatives from OMG Book of World Records who were present at the online event in turn presented Chhipa with a certificate after she broke the record.

Her father, Suniel Chhipa shared the news on Facebook saying, “It’s an incredible feeling of being a proud Indian, blessed resident of the UAE and parent of a world record holder. Sincere gratitude to you for being a part of this journey of Sara.”

Chhipa, whose parents are from Bhilwara in Rajasthan, is the first person to hold a world record in this category. A sixth grade student at the Gems Modern Academy, she has put in more than 1,500 hours of work to memorise the daunting list of the names.

Her world record journey began around three months back under the mentorship of Sushant Mysorkar, founder of Brain Rhyme Cognitive Solutions in Mumbai. Since then, Chhipa has been training in memorising the names through a combination of cognitive mindset, association systems and several creative learning and memory tools and techniques.

“My inspiration is my mentor and my parents. Their constant push acted as a thrust for me to achieve this feat,” she told the media.

Chhipa has been a resident of the UAE for the last nine years. Her father works with a telecommunications company and her mother is associated with a property firm in Dubai. She has a younger brother who is a KG2 student at Springdales School, Dubai.

(Edited by Amrita Ghosh and Sanhati Banerjee)

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