How This Young Woman Is Paving The Way For Effortless Legal Assets Planning

Apoorva Chintala, an American-born-Indian, is better known as amongst the youngest woman entrepreneurs who was earlier this month, selected as a finalist for the ‘Spring 2021 Launch Pad Global Fellowship’, along with four additional teams from UT Austin (USA).

Currently a student at the University of Texas at Austin pursuing degrees in Management Information Systems and Economics, Chintala along with her father, Sree Chintala, founded CLOCR Inc. in 2018.

The father-daughter duo recognised the complexity and existing gaps in estates and legacy planning. The process of passing on life assets has unfortunately not come into digital interface and families still face the burden of assets management. The start-up was driven by a personal experience for the family when Chintala’s father had to travel to India after her grandfather passed away, and there was confusion surrounding his beneficiaries and how his assets were to be distributed. All of these new responsibilities, while important and urgent, seemed trivial in comparison to the loss the family was facing.

This brought the father-daughter duo to create CLOCR Inc. that would help families plan for what’s next in life, when life-changing situations are stricken by tragedy or loss.

“Growing up, we would always watch Shark Tank every Friday night as a family, while we ate dinner. And I would think about what I would invest in, which is going to be a really big company. Now I think a lot of experiences of me growing up have kind of led me to form CLOCR. And it’s all the more special that I'm getting to do this with my dad, since he was there raising me with the entrepreneurial mindset and introduced me to this entrepreneurial world,” says Apoorva Chintala.

While experiencing many challenges, Chintala was seen as a woman of color, an Indian family living in the States and relatively seen as too young to succeed or manage a company; but never did she feel for a moment that she cannot take on the world.

Despite her age, Chintala has been managing the company’s growth pretty well. She explained to us what CLOCR truly stands for and how it plans to revolutionise the way estates and legacy management will look like in the future. She also emphasised on the need of the platform to cater to gender-inclusion needs, and how women in general will have additional benefit for protection of their legal assets and property rights - by bringing to them the awareness on property laws and how to access them. And with blockchain-powered CLOCR Inc. offering state-of-the-art security, women in particular can better control their assets by keeping people from trying to hack into other people's accounts. For more on Apoorva’s personal journey, watch the video.

(Video produced, interviewed and edited by Nang Tanvi)