Young artist in Srinagar astounds with Mandala art

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Soliha Qureshi, madala artist from Srinagar in conversation with ANI. (Photo/ANI)
Soliha Qureshi, madala artist from Srinagar in conversation with ANI. (Photo/ANI)

Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], November 17 (ANI): A young self-taught artist in Srinagar has taken the Valley by storm with her astounding artwork, especially in mandala art.

Soliha Qureshi, a BA Economics student who has garnered several certificates over the last few years, often puts up exhibitions to showcase her artwork for which she received widespread praise.

Speaking to ANI, Qureshi said that although she dabbles in semi-abstract art, stone painting, and t-shirt painting, she particularly enjoys painting mandalas, a circular geometric design used often in Islamic art and Kashmiri wood carvings.

"My art journey started in Class 3. I was quite interested in art but did not take it seriously. I started to participate in several competitions and was greatly inspired by the work of fellow artists. With a little guidance in Class 10, I started to pursue it more seriously," she said.

Qureshi said that that people's appreciation for her work motivates her a lot.

Mandalas are known well for being representative of wholeness and are also used as a model for the organizational structure of life, a diagram that shows relationships extended beyond minds and bodies.

Drawing mandalas is a well-known method to ease depression and calm one's mind as it requires a lot of focus, she said. "Perfection is essential for a good piece and can take up to four hours depending on how detailed it is."

Nabeela, a close friend of the artist says that through her artwork, Qureshi is able to effectively convey her emotions, and many have been inspired by her artwork.

"Soliha is able to put her expressions on paper very effortlessly through her paintings. When she cannot communicate her emotions effectively through works she does it through her art. Many young people have been inspired by her talent," Nabeela said. (ANI)