New York state reports 232 new COVID-19-related deaths

New York [US], May 07 (Sputnik/ANI): New York State has reported 232 new coronavirus related fatalities on Tuesday, Governor Andrew Cuomo said in a press briefing.

"One of the most stubborn situations and the most distressing or the number of deaths, and that is down from where we were, but it is still 232 yesterday," Cuomo said.

The governor explained that 207 of these deaths had occurred in hospitals and 25 in nursing homes.

Cuomo also said that the total number of COVID-19 hospitalizations and intubations are also in gradual decline. The number of hospitalizations is usually taken as an indication of the direction in which the pandemic is headed.

"We have turned the corner, and we are on the decline," he said.

The decline proves that the restrictive measures put in place to curb the COVID-19 spread in New York are working, Cuomo added. (Sputnik/ANI)