Yokohama city hosts music festival

The song blue light Yokohama has been popular since long time for describing the charm of Yokohama city. The city of Yokohama hosts city-wide music festival called "Yokohama Otomatsuri," and this is one of 300 musical projects from this big festival which lasts for 62 days. The festival takes place every 3 years in various locations in Yokohama, inviting a wide range of musicians from local music groups to worldwide well-known artists. On this day, both amateurs and professional musicians of all genres perform their special set inside one of the prominent shopping malls in Yokohama. This performance is by a local gospel choir group "YCC Gospel lovers". From a quiet song with a beautiful voice, pop music with dance fascinates the audience. Their energetic performance grabs attention across the mall. This day's last act is delivered by a Japanese pop and comedy duo, "Les Romanesques". In special show, singing and dancing with Japanese traditional song "Enka". The audience applauded the collaboration song with pops and "Enka". Yokohama has many cultures of port town history. Events that consider merging with towns create new culture. Music of "Yokohama Otomatsuri" flowing along the town gives visitors a good time.