Yogi government sends proposal to close case against BJP leaders accused in Muzaffarnagar riots

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has moved to withdraw a case against BJP leaders. Three MLAs and one MP were accused of making inflammatory speeches at a Mahapanchayat, organized in Muzaffarnagar. The event dates back to September 2013. District Government Counsel spoke to Times Now and confirmed that the process for closing the case has begun. SIT did not complete the investigation in the given time and the state government has given a proposal to the court to withdraw the cases against them. Two of these accused have called the FIR a political vendetta, as the Samajwadi Party was ruling the state of Uttar Pradesh at that time. BJP leader Sangeet Som stated that leaders of the Samajwadi Party should be in jail, as they were behind the 2013 riots.