Yogi's good governance claims 'could face roadblocks within the party itself'

The BJP and Hindu outfit workers are not sparing any moment to take the law in their hands in UP and are not even refraining from attacking police officers.

Despite hard efforts of the opposition, the image of UP CM Yogi Adityanath has remained untarnished in the past month and neither has he been entangled in any disputes. However, where the opposition is failing in bringing down Yogi's image, the BJP's own supporters seem hard at work to accomplish just that.

The BJP and Hindu outfit workers are not sparing any moment to take the law in their hands in UP and are not even refraining from attacking police officers. Commoners are being beaten up regularly by workers of these Hindu outfits for no valid reasons and when they are stopped from doing that by the police, they release their power-fuelled fury on the police too.

Whether the Chief Minister will be able to control this over-zealous Hindu mob is still a doubt worthy question, as although he has issued instructions to the police to maintain the rule of law in the state, when the police itself is being beaten up, there is hardly anything that can be expected from them.


The Braj region is facing the worst of the situations, where the Hindu activists had beaten up several police officials inside the police station on Saturday evening, setting police vehicles on fire and damaging many others, led by the Fatehpur Sikri MLA Ch. Udaybhan Singh, who the police claims, had left the spot before the violence started.

Another unruly mob of saffron-clad youth entered the Taj Mahal and held a demonstration inside the monument in clear contravention of the Supreme Court's directives, scaring away foreign and domestic tourists who had been inside the Taj Mahal at that time.

Tourism organizations have condemned this incident and demanded that those who are guilty of contravening the apex court's orders, should be arrested and sent to jail immediately, as such incidents are detrimental to the tourism industry and Agra's image globally.

So far, the police has arrested 18 out of the hundreds of people who attacked the Fatehpur Sikri and Sadar police stations in Agra on Saturday evening.

The actions of the BJP MLA Udaybhan Singh are being widely condemned in this incident as the MLA led the unruly mob to the police stations and left as soon as the mob grew violent, leaving them uncontrolled and without a leader to guide them.

Earlier, the BJP workers had misbehaved with the Mathura SSP Mohit Gupta in the support of a car parking operator and BJP leader Meghshyam Gautam, who had clashed with a police sub-inspector Pawan Agnihotri. The misbehavior of the BJP workers grew to such an extent that the SSP had to get them arrested.

An almost similar incident happened a day earlier in Vrindavan, where a car parking operator with ties to the BJP openly challenged some police constables and misbehaved with them saying that "ab hamari sarkaar hai, jaisa chahenge waisa karenge".

Social activist Rajkumar Nagrath said that the Saharanpur, Meerut, Barabanki incidents also took place because of over-zealous BJP workers. In Saharanpur, two cases were registered against BJP MP Raghav Lakhanpal Sharma.


Talking to India Today, UP DGP Sulkhan Singh said that the Saharanpur, Agra, Mathura incidents are being taken seriously by the police and all police officials have been instructed to ensure quick action in any such incidents without caring for the political ties of those involved. He said that whoever takes the law in his or her hands, will be immediately sent to jail.

He lamented the fact that sometimes, delayed action results in the situation growing worse, so the police has standing instructions now to deal with any mob with punitive force. The police officials have been asked not to pay heed to any political pressure exerted on them by anyone.

However, a BJP worker claimed that the party and its ancillary organizations are only assisting the police in maintaining law and order in the state, as promised by PM Modi and the Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. He said that whoever comes in the way of good governance in the state, will be punished by the party even before the police takes any action.

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