Yogi Adityanath meets with thousands of complainants at Gorakhnath Temple

Yogi Adityanath took time to meet thousands of complainants today who thronged to the Gorakhnath Temple in distress after being turned down from various quarters. Some of them waiting with small children in their lap since 5 am in the morning.

Yogi was supposed to go to Deoria at 10.30 am but a beeline of people with applications for help forced him to make last minute changes in the programme. Yogi conducted meetings of the affairs of the temple and the moment he spotted thousands waiting for him he ordered them to be allowed inside.

While at the helm of affairs in the math, he would sit in his chair as hundreds would come touch his feet seek blessings and subsequent intervention in their plight. Nothing seems to have changed. The distressed still come and the staff at the temple take down their complains as Yogi, who has adorned a much larger role, ensures two calls a day to his math. Once in the morning and the other in the evening to ensure everything is all right at the math.

Now as the news of his making a second visit to Gorakhpur spread, people in thousands thronged to the temple not in devotion to God but devotion to Yogi.

The barricades have been put in place announcing that Yogi, who was reachable to all, has now become the Chief Minister of the state. The Yogi with much dearth of time however chose to spend the night in his own room devoid of any AC comfort and since early morning on Sunday started meeting people.

The first wave was of those well connected and those with genuine problem kept waiting begging the reporters to showcase their plight. The number kept growing and by 9.30 am yogi got the message that thousands are waiting outside. It was during the same time that murder accused Aman Mani Tripathi managed to sneak in and hand over a file to Yogi even as Yogi waved him off.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath hugs his pet at Gorakhnath Temple in Gorakhpur on Sunday. Photo: PTIYogi in an oft repeated display of his character spotted those anxiously waiting to meet him with genuine concerns and allowed them in. Soon the security got into the act, pushing and shoving the docile ignorant masses into a queue. Some had tears in their eyes, while some displayed the wounds gifted to them by land grabbers.

A lady with fragile frame had lost her husband to a land grabber in Gorakhpur and placed her last hope on Yogi. An 80-year-old man, who showed a bullet wound that he survived but his land was taken away, seemed hopeful that in the long line at least he will be able to hand over his complaint to Yogi after being turned down by the police.

A bunch of women displayed the wounds inflicted by heavy beating when they were protesting against a liquor shop in the area. There were rape victims trying to hide their faces and tears, who were turned down by the police and now as a last ditched effort were knocking at the doors of Yogi.

Individual complains running into thousands and lakh's forcing one to prod as to what the police and the local administration is doing.

Possibly if the local administration is sensitive the numbers of complainants at Yogi's durbar won't be swelling to this extent. But the swelling numbers speaks of the volume of hopes people have reposed in Yogi, and he will have to work overtime to address them as expectations run high and so does the sufferings of the common man.

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