Yogi Adityanath-Led Uttar Pradesh Govt To Organise 3-Day ‘Sunahri Mahotsav’ on Sunahri Kand in Gorakhpur

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Gorakhpur, February 2: The Uttar Pradesh Government is all set to organise a three-day Mahotsav on Sunahri Kand (also known as Orange-Fleshed Sweet Potatoes) in Gorakhpur in the third week of February. In fact, the proposal is also sent to the government to include OFSP, loaded with Vitamin A, fiber, potassium, protein, Beta Carotene, Chlorogenic acid, etc into the Hot Cooked Scheme of Anganbari and Mid Day Meal Scheme of primary schools so that it helps fight the deficiency of Vitamin A and malnutrition in children.

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Committed towards farmers' welfare, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath intends to organise a Mahotsav on Orange Fleshed Sweet Potatoes in Gorakhpur on the lines of the Strawberry Festival of Jhansi. The event will not only make people aware of the benefits of OFSP fruit but will also be a big achievement for farmers who are cultivating it. Shortly, the time and the participants will also be announced along with the entire action plan of the Mahotsav. Since the event will be held in CM’s city, the organisers have a strong desire to get the event organised by CM Yogi. Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath’s Emphasis on Digital Awareness Is Reaping Fruits, Online OPD Service ‘E-Sanjivani’ a Hit Among People.

The event is expected to be held between February 19 and 21 subject to availability of the Chief Minister.

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Earlier, in the meeting chaired by Additional Chief Secretary, Horticulture Manoj Kumar Singh, the action plan of the Mahotsav was discussed, and was decided that the event would take place in Hotel Raddison.

It was also decided that during the Mahotsav, the delicacies of Orange Fleshed Sweet Potatoes will be served as a starter, main course, and dessert in about 40 major hotels and restaurants of the district.

The main aim of the Mahotsav will be to give farmers, who cultivated Sunahri Kand, the fair price of their produce. People will also be made aware of the benefits and nutritional values of this super fruit.

Enriched with antioxidants, Sunahri helps in promoting skin health and reduces the risk of cancer. This fruit can be consumed in the form of vegetables, fritters, cutlets, pickles, or dessert. Apart from these, many different delicacies can be made from this wonder fruit.

The Orange Colour of Sunahri Kand

Wondering why Orange fleshed sweet potatoes is so orange. It is because of the presence of high levels of carotenoids which are converted into Vitamin A by the human body. These antioxidants help in strengthening eyesight, reducing aging, and boosting immunity.

Apart from eye diseases, the deficiency of vitamins also accounted for a high number of deaths because of diarrhea as antibiotics failed to act in Vitamin A-deficient children. To tackle this situation, the cultivation of Sunahri Kand was planned- the best and cheapest source of Vitamin A.

Nutritional Value

One gram of orange sweet potato provides 20 mg Vitamin A and the yielding of this fruit is done within 100 to 112 days.