Yes, Bollywood Has Camps: Vidya Balan on the Kangana-Karan Spat

Vidya Balan encourages women to speak up against the sexual harassment.

Begum Jaan actress Vidya Balan never shies away from speaking her mind. In the case of Kangana Ranaut and Karan Johar’s recent spat, she empathised with the Rangoon actress, while accepting that people in Bollywood have their favourites. In an exclusive interview with Pinkvilla, Balan said that though she has never experienced nepotism first hand, but if Kangana has, that’s her truth.

Vidya Balan, ActorI personally haven’t experienced that. I have absolutely no one in the film industry but I did have the luxury of choice because I am a Bombay girl. My parents and sister were extremely supportive. I didn’t have to run away from home and survival was never an issue and therefore I am saying that it is a luxury of choice. When you have to first sort out survival issues then it becomes very difficult for you to really.... Your choices are dictated by that.Vidya BalanBut having said that, Kangana feels that way. To each his own. I am no one to comment but my experiences are different. There are camps but let’s not forget that human beings have favourites. You talk of the tribe, it has been there since time immemorial. It has been there in the animal kingdom too. And that is how it operates. Not just in the film industry but everywhere. Wherever people can, they will look out for their own people. But thankfully I have been a God’s favourite child.

As Vidya Balan sees it, Bollywood is a tribe and it’s members might as well belong to the animal kingdom.