Yenny Hanley on Why Miami Is the Best Place To Invest and Dwell in 2021

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K​nown for its diversity, tropical beaches, and unparalleled energy, Miami is quickly becoming the city everyone wants to be part of. From beautiful architecture to the warmest winter climate in the US, investors and new residents alike are flocking to the city, looking for a little more opportunity and vibrancy in their lives. Professional and top seller in the market, Yenny Hanley explains why Miami is the best place to invest and dwell this year.

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The year 2021 is proving to be a record year in the market. For Miami in particular, it is breaking barriers and bringing new life into the city. "Miami has always been attractive because of its weather and lifestyle, but now it's attracting major companies and industries," explains Yenny. "The face of Miami is continuing to change, and we are seeing the city become more of a global metropolis."

With experience in the development and sales of some of the city's most notable projects, including One Miami, Brickell Flatiron, Brickell Heights, 500 Brickell, and more, Yenny Hanley has seen the landscape of Miami practically explode overnight. "Miami was historically a resort town. A place where people came through for vacation but not anymore," states Yenny. "As companies capitalize on the potential in the city, people are moving here in record numbers as job opportunities skyrocket alongside our high standard of living."

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A great place to invest and live, Miami presents all the perks of a big city living without the hassles. "In comparison to other major cities, Miami offers more luxury, affordability, and access," says Yenny. "With many areas to choose from, residents, investors, and buyers can find exactly what they want on their terms making minimal sacrifices." In Miami, it's all about opportunity, and residents don't have to suffer for the privilege to live here. "We don't have major trade-offs for city living like New York or LA," explains Yenny.

Proving to be a fantastic city to live and work in, Miami is projected to continue to enjoy a historic population boom. With a 12% growth rate in population last year alone, many are seizing on the city's immense offerings. "Rapid growth is pushing Miami in the right direction, making now the perfect time to move or invest," says Yenny. Whether it's for the culture, climate, or way of life, Miami is expected to remain on the radar of investors this year and beyond.

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