Yemeni Rape Convict Execution Video Shared as ‘Justice in Dubai’

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The video of a public execution has gone viral with the caption "After 15 mins from rape in Dubai."

The video shows a convoy of trucks and police cars storm a road, and pull out a man from one of the vehicles. The man is then laid on a rug, and a police officer pumps bullets into his back with a rifle.

The Quint first received this video on its WhatsApp helpline. The video was viral on Facebook and Twitter in 2018, as well.

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The video is neither from Dubai, and nor was the execution done "15 minutes" after the rape occurred. It is, in fact, from Yemen, and the execution came a month after the accused was arrested.


A reverse image search of one of the key-frames from the video on the search engine Yandex led to a YouTube link of the video, which was titled "Man Publicly Executed For Murder And Rape Of 3 years old child and hanged in front of public."

Viewer discretion is advised:

A subsequent search for the keywords "man executed for raping 3 year old" led to several news reports on the incident, which detailed that the execution took place in Yemen's Sanaa on 31 July, 2017.

According to Dailymail, the accused Muhammed al Maghrabi had snatched the victim 3-year-old Rana Almatari off the streets in Sanaa during the festival of Eid on 25 June.

He then raped her and strangled her to death, burying her body near the neighbourhood mosque.

Al Maghrabi was arrested two days after his heinous crime, and his execution was reportedly ordered by a court run by the Shi'ite Houthi rebels.

The rape and death of the three-year old had shocked the entire nation, resulting in a large turnout to witness his execution.

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