Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai December 5, 2018 Written Update: Will Naira Find Out Some Scary Truth About Kartik's Health?

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Here's what happened in tonight's episode of the show.

Today's episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai starts with the Favourite Bhabhi award, which goes to Naira (Shivangi Joshi). In her speech, she tells when she came as a bride in this house, Luv and Kush were the first to welcome her and because of them, she got the Bhabhi award. She raps a song for the children, the kids are happy to listen to her. While giving the speech she says she also wants kids like them, listening this Kartik (Mohsin Khan) feels sorry. Favourite Bahu award also goes to Naira, she says according to me a good family makes a good Bahu and signs off. Next is favourite husband award which goes to Kartik of course, he takes Naira along with him and recites a poem for her, she is flattered. Nobody notices but Nani Maa is not feeling well. Naira also gets the Favourite Patni award. Chachu teases and asks to give away every award to Naira and Kartik. The Most Romantic Couple award also goes to them and everyone asks for some celebrations as they won all the awards. The family dances together and enjoy with each other. The function ends and they realise Nani Maa has fallen down. Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai December 4, 2018 Written Update Full Episode: Kartik And Naksh Save The Day For Vishambar

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Dadi cries as she sees Nani Maa, Naira asks her not to worry and assures that everything will be fine and takes her out where everyone is there. Nani Maa regains consciousness and tells everyone that she's still alive. But everybody says please take care of yourself and everyone promise each other to meet once a month so that the love in the family remains like this always. Naira tells she has arranged for a photo shoot for everyone, all are happy. They take a family photo while taking the photo the photographer says Bua Dadi to get little side, she is furious and gets angry, everyone tries to make her happy and tell her to come and take the photo.

Naira misses everyone as she is feeling lonely and Kartik consoles her, just then he gets a call. After the call is over he sees Naira struggling with something, when asked she says I'm getting rashes and its itching. Kartik applies lotion on her back and there's a romantic moment between the two and they hug each other. Kartik reminds Naira that she wants a kid and goes away from there. Kartik opens his laptop and sees the doctor's message, they have an appointment with the doctor the next day in which they will know what is that dot. The doctor says that he is more concerned about Kartik's health than his heart. Next morning as they prepare to go to the doctor Dadi does an aarti and prays for them. Gayu gives a good luck thing to Naira and says all the best but Dadi stops her from going with them. Everyone wishes them and they leave the house.

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