Yay! WhatsApp To Bring Back Its Text Based Statuses

For once, it seems like endless trolling and memes have actually worked. Facebook owned WhatsApp has finally admitted that ‘Snapchat’-fying WhatsApp wasn’t one of their brightest ideas. WhatsApp owners have reflected on this faux pass. Best part is, the company is working to bring the good old text based status feature to redeem itself.

A couple of weeks ago, the much celebrated instant messenger retracted their written ‘Status’ option with dynamic images, eerily similar to picture heavy social media tools like Instagram and Snapchat.

What followed was WhatsApp users across borders collectively flipping their tables at it. Here are some of the Tweets that screamed ‘Bring back the old status option.’

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We might all be able to forget and forgive the heartache of not having our old text-based WhatsApp status option, if sources in the beta testing world are to be believed. One of them, going by the Twitter handle, has shared that in the 2.17.95 version of the application, one can see the old status option.

The beta user also shared that the instant messaging app has introduced a number of other small and big improvements with their new version. As long as it allows us to update our statuses with the lyrics of our current favourite song, we are content. Right?