Yashica Raj- Dedicated stepped-ahead rapper of today and beyond



Talent has a voice of its own. It finds its way, it manages through the path, survives the hurdle and creates a place in everyone’s heart. Some start early, some need a kick but then there comes a list of few who assuredly are a charm to eyes. Yashica for sure is one such delight who managed to get everyone say, “Oh My God.” As in detail, she is the Youngest Rapper of India, born in 2015th September. From an early age, this young talent from Bangalore had everyone’s eye and received her parent’s support. Probably this is why her naming ceremony was presented in a Hip-Hop styled song “Namakarana” with a touch of social message, well presented by the renowned rappers Hiphopkannadigaru.

Its said, “find a talent, guide the same, the results of years will be a gain.” It is not hard to accept this fact as “Practice makes a man perfect” and with Yashica, her talent received a GO, at an early age of 4 years when the same group helped her, encouraged her and trained her to get progress on her skills. Hard work should always be rewarded and her progress did make Martin Yo, a renowned Kannada Rapper and her parents to acknowledge her efforts and convert the same into a music video. Imagine a person with no skills giving a record, in the studio, in front of many well-known artists to the best.

It would have been a moment to cherish for Yashica’s parents, Martin Yo, who penned the lyrics, MC Bijju who was concerned with the Music production and SID, a renowned rapper VFX artist who took the responsibility on DOP, VFX and editing. So, with so many great artists on board, Yashica made her career’s start in November, at Kruthi audios (Studio) in Bangalore. Not just this, her efforts which were receiving praise all around, she got a chance to record at Torq03, Bangalore and make the best out of the opportunities out there.

Yashica had an interest and an interest never dies unless it changes which in her case received a dedication of passion. She got trained in Hip-Hop mannerism through YouTube videos. Either way, her dedication and impression did perfect works in front of all to get her rapping in the video song, titled, “Oh My God.” The response was amazing for an artist her age and was loved by all. Making it best and easy, we must know, she sings from the heart and her love for Hip-Hop and the Kannada language, is truly reflected in her verses. Seems like the training by Martin Yo, who was mentored by Hiphopkannadigaru (MC Bijju, SID and DJ Lethal), did get the eyes of all and made them feel like, “Now it might be their child to take a step ahead with the encouragement”.

Efforts work and for sure, there will be many more rising talents like her for the Kannada Hip-Hop community with the creative freedom towards the exploration of their heart. As we saw, Yashica has already a name of her own and she is rocking on YouTube as well as on her Instagram handle which is managed by her parents.

With a trend on go, everyone deserves an equal chance and Yashica got hers by the released music video released in #dbeatsmusicworld on YouTube. Seeing her, her parents got just one thing to say all, “Encourage you, child, let them follow their heart and never stop them from taking a step ahead in the field they want to create a name in.”

“Forever if it goes, we will together create a wonderful place to live in. With all following their passion and loving what they do.”

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