Yamba Dam gaining popularity among tourists in Japan

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Yamba Dam gaining popularity among tourists in Japan
Yamba Dam gaining popularity among tourists in Japan

Naganohara [Japan], July 10 (ANI): Yamba Dam is located in Naganohara in Gunma Prefecture of Japan.

Launched in 2020, the dam is built on the Agatsuma River. It took around 70 years to build the dam and it is one hundred and thirty-one meters high.

This Dam helps in flood control and irrigation and is also gaining popularity as a tourist destination as it is surrounded by mountains and a lake.

Yuji Furuhata from Naganohara Municipality said: "We have built a walkway on top of the dam recently so it has been attracting visitors who are curious about the site. The dam has created a large artificial lake where tourists can enjoy a variety of water activities."

Local operators have also launched an amphibious bus service that gives a tour of the lake. The idea of using infrastructures like dams, tunnels and power stations as a tourist site is becoming popular in Japan.

"I have noticed a lot of interesting spots. There is a visitor center and when I looked at the map, this place was listed as a sightseeing spot," said a visitor.

The municipality has built a market near the dam site. There are restaurants and souvenir shops offering sweets and gifts along with local fresh agricultural produce.

"This region is famous for its delicious cabbage, lettuce, corn, and other vegetables. We use these fresh ingredients to cook Okonomiyaki dish and make it in the shape of the dam and we call it Damyaki," Shigero Shinohara said.

This huge industrial infrastructure facility is a smart idea that contributes to tourism and reviving the local economy. (ANI)

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