Yamaha opens motorbike riding academy for youngsters in Japan

Bicycle riding is gaining immense popularity in Japan, especially among youngsters. For helping these newbies in learning bicycle riding efficiently "Yamaha Motor Sales" has come up with a Yamaha Riding Academy where youngsters are taught the basics of motorcycle riding. These bicycles are used for teaching people how to ride bikes. The bicycles used dueling the training process are equipped with a device that measures GPS logs to obtain data on position, speed, and acceleration during driving. During the lesson, riders drive on a test course with poles under the guidance of an instructor. In the corner part, a photo is taken. After the first run, the driving data is obtained from the measurement device, and then the instructor advices the rider for better driving. The measurement data displays the speed, where it accelerated, and how it is structured to turn corners to make it easier for the rider to understand. After listening to the instructor's advice, the rider starts to drive again. Yamaha's accumulated know-how as a pioneer in motorsport helps riders around the world. Bike lessons like these will also be organized in China and Thailand.