Yahoo Talk: Is India too sensitive to international criticism?

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Since the last few days, a storm has been raging both on social media and off it. After a bunch of international celebrities started trending #FarmersProtests on Twitter, the Indian govt came up with its own hashtag #IndiaTogether, #indiaAgainstPropaganda which was further picked up by Indian celebrities.

Yahoo Talk: Why are the Farmer Protests so controversial?

While this might seem to be a battle restricted to Twitter, a recently deleted toolkit by climate activist Greta Thunberg paints a murkier picture wherein there was a mention of the Republic Day protests before the event actually took place and 'disrupting India's chai and yoga image' with links to Khalistani sympathisers.

While the creators of this controversial toolkit have been booked for conspiracy and sedition, we try to unravel the series of events and whether there is a larger conspiracy at play?

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