Xplore’s Xcraft space probe lands in Xtronaut 2.0 board game — and STEM students are the winners

Alan Boyle
Xplore’s Xcraft space probe is featured on the Xtronaut 2.0 card at far right. (Xplore / Xtronaut Illustration)

Seattle-based Xplore isn’t due to launch its first Xcraft space probe until late 2021, but it’s already landed in an educational board game.

  • Xtronaut 2.0, a multiplayer game devised by planetary scientist Dante Lauretta and Xtronaut Enterprises CEO Michael Lyon, will feature Xcraft as one of the deck’s playing cards. Players can combine the cards to create their own game-board missions to deep space.
  • The arrangement is part of a sponsorship deal for Xtronaut 2.0’s Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. “We are proud to have the Xcraft featured in Xtronaut 2.0, and are delighted that our sponsorship enables us to give 120 games to the youth organization of our choice,” Xplore co-founder and chief operating officer Lisa Rich said today in a news release.
  • Those games will go to students at the Museum of Flight’s Boeing Academy for STEM Learning. Reba Gilman, the museum’s vice president of education, said she was “thankful Xplore is giving us this positive stay-at-home activity that students will enjoy during these uncertain times.”

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