Xiaomi's new smart shoes priced at 299 Yuan launched after Smart camera, Smart scale 2

Raymond Ronamai
Xiaomi's new smart shoes priced at 299 Yuan launched after Smart camera, Smart scale 2

Xiaomi seems to be on a spree to release smart products. After launching smartphones, smart tablets and smart televisions, the company has now launched new smart shoes with cool features, including replaceable antibacterial insole.

The new Smart Sportswear comes a few days after Mi Smart Camera and Mi Smart Scale 2 were released along with four other products — Mi Walkie-Talkie, Mi Driving Recorder, Mi Router HD and Mi Router Pro.

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The Chinese technology giant's crowdfunded platform Mijia has now launched new smart shoes called 90 Minutes Ultra Smart Sportswear. Aimed at professional runners, the product is powered by an Intel Curie chip that can collect fitness data, including the distance covered and calories burnt. It also has anti-skid features and antibacterial insole (replaceable). Its battery (rechargeable) can track your physical movement for 60 days.

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It is currently available on Mi website at 299 Yuan (around $46 / €41 / Rs 2,888) and comes in three colours – black, surf blue, and pink.

Xiaomo launched a smart shoe called Li-Ning Smart Shoe in 2015. Made by China's leading sports goods manufacturer Li Ning, the smart shoes feature a smart chip. A few sports footwear brands like Adidas and Nike have also launched shoes with similar features in the past.

(Source: Mi via GizChina)

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