Xiaomi's first EV will be priced under Rs. 35 lakh

Surbhi Shah
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07 Apr 2021: Xiaomi's first EV will be priced under Rs. 35 lakh

Xiaomi had recently announced its plan to make smart electric vehicles, and now we are getting some details about the tech giant's electrified ambitions.

Lei Jun, the CEO of the Xiaomi Group, has revealed that the first EV will either be an SUV or a sedan, and that it will be priced within a range of CNY 100,000-300,000 (roughly Rs. 11-34 lakh).

Category: 'SUV' and 'sedan' were the most voted options

Jun's announcement of producing Xiaomi's first EV as either an SUV or a sedan was based on a Weibo survey.

Users were presented with an opinion poll regarding the kind of car they wanted Xiaomi to introduce first.

According to Jun, around 45% of users voted for sedan, nearly 40% chose SUV, and the rest selected sports car or RV.

Price-tag: The survey poll also discussed the price of the EV

One of the noteworthy survey polls was regarding the cost of Xiaomi's first EV. Majority of the users said the EV should cost "less than CNY 100,000" (approximately Rs. 11 lakh) while the least voted for "more than CNY 300,000" (roughly Rs. 34 lakh).

Based on these responses, Jun has announced that the EV will be priced within CNY 100,000-300,000 (around Rs. 11-34 lakh).

Design: Xiaomi may use its new logo

Xiaomi has recently adopted a new logo which was unveiled at the product launch event on March 30. The new logo departs from the square design in favor of a squircle shape.

Jun has also discussed the use of the new Mi logo on the EV, noting that the new design is more suitable for the car than the older square version.

Branding: Xiaomi likely to market the EV under its own brand

One of the survey questions also discussed if Xiaomi should market the EV under its own brand or use another name. Close to 63% voted for Xiaomi to use its own brand name.

For the unversed, Xiaomi has already confirmed that it will invest around $10 billion into the smart electric vehicles venture over the next 10 years.