Xiaomi Fixes 'Technical Issue' That Affected Mi Weather App Users in Arunachal Pradesh

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Xiaomi has said that the company recently fixed a "technical issue" that affected the Mi Weather app users residing in Arunachal Pradesh. Over the weekend, several Xiaomi smartphone users took to Twitter to report the glitch with the Mi Weather app in the state. "Xiaomi phones aren't showing weather of Arunachal Pradesh cities in their Mi smartphone's," a user wrote. Some angry users also indicated that the Chinese smartphone company is not showing the Mi Weather app forecast willingly as China does not consider a major part of Arunachal Pradesh a part of India.

Similarly, some Xiaomi phone users on Twitter even threatened to boycott the company if the issue was not fixed. In a statement to news agency IANS, the company said, "This is a technical error on our application. That said, we are working on improving the app to get the best experience for our users. As always, we are committed to India and our users across the country to provide them with the best possible user experience." Xiaomi also explained that the error was due to a technical issue that takes data from a third-party source to display weather forecast on the app. Since the technical glitch between the Xiaomi phone and the source provider didn't sync, the app was not functioning properly the company explained.

Meanwhile, the company claims that the issue is fixed and users in Arunachal Pradesh can use the Mi Weather app smoothly. If the app is still not functioning properly, Xiaomi would likely try to patch the error through the next OTA software update.