Xiaomi AirDots Pro is the Affordable Version of Apple’s AirPods

Xiaomi is known for being inspired by Apple and its products. Even the software it uses has shown those traits every now and then. Be it phones, laptops or even the meticulous clean design approach, there’s a definite Apple inspiration about them.

And now, Xiaomi has bettered its case by launching wireless in-ear earphones that look a lot like the AirPods. Unlike Apple’s version, the Xiaomi AirDots Pro work with Android as well as iOS devices and Windows also. It supports USB Type C for charging purposes, just in case you were wondering.

All this and a price tag of under Rs 5,000, makes it an ideal AirPods alternative that most users wouldn’t mind trying out. Here’s everything you need to know about the Xiaomi AirDots Pro.

Looks exactly like the Apple AirPods, doesn’t it?

It’s a copy, alright. The AirDots Pro promises a lot, without costing a lot and that is an impressive feat.

Xiaomi says the device, weighing just 5.8 grams fits snugly into the ear. It also claims that each of the AirDots Pro work separately without affecting the overall music quality.

Xiaomi is launching the AirDots Pro in black colour also.

But what we like the most about the feature set of the AirDots Pro is its support for active noise-cancellation, especially while making/receiving calls from the device. Like Apple’s Siri, Xiaomi is using its own voice assistant called XiaoAi, which can be used to control music playback for calls as well, the company claims.

In terms of design, most elements match with that of the AirPods, including the colour scheme of the case, which is white in colour. We like that the AirDots Pro comes with a black colour option also, something Apple should also look at offering.

The case can be used to charge the AirDots Pro, which according Xiaomi will take over an hour to power up from zero to 100 percent.

On a single charge, AirDots Pro can last for around 10 hours. We will put those claims to test, if ever Xiaomi plans on launching this product for the Indian market.

All the features of AirDots Pro detailed.

The AirDots Pro automatically powers off once you take it off after using it. 

AirDots Pro get IPX4 resistance against water splashes and works via Bluetooth v4.2 that is the universal standard for most devices in the market, something that Apple will find hard matching up to.

So, that’s the AirDots Pro from Xiaomi, an affordable alternative to the Apple AirPods that may or may not launch in India. All in all, this is a product that does everything a generic tech enthusiast would want.

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