WWE WrestleMania 37: Boos Rain Down as Roman Reigns Pins Edge and Daniel Bryan; Fans on Social Media Hail 'The GOAT'

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The boos and jeers rained down on Roman Reigns after he pined both Edge and Daniel Bryan, at the same time, to retain his title WWE SmackDown Universal title on the second night of WrestleMania 37.

Fans in attendance were not happy with the results as the ‘heel’ Roman reigned supreme at the ‘showcase of the immortals’.

The triple-threat match started off with Reigns attacking Bryan, before Edge jumped in.

With the action spilling onto the outside, as Jey Uso tried to get involved in the match but Bryan dealt him out superkick as Edge took out Reigns with a spear.

A few back and forths between the champions and challengers saw the balance of the clash shift in favour of Edge and Bryan. Reigns was put in a crossface by Edge, with the aid of a piece of the broken chair, and as the champions tried to tap out, Bryan caught his hand and locked in the Yes Lock of his own.

Both Bryan and Edge came to headbutts and resulting in Reigns being free.

In the end though, after a couple of spears, it was Roman Reigns who was standing tall with his WWE SmackDown Universal title held aloft.

Fans in the stadium though were not all too pleased to see Roman win again and clearly wanted either of the babyfaces to win.

The reactions of fans though was a bit different on social media.

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