How WWE is trying to prevent Rey Mysterio from leaving


Bengaluru, December 2: As reported earlier, rumours are running rampant over the WWE career of Rey Mysterio as he might not be happy with his status in the company. This automatically led to a potential departure situation in the upcoming months. The good thing is that WWE has realized the issue and taken the necessary steps to fix it.
On this week's episode of WWE Monday Night RAW, Rey Mysterio pinned AJ Styles to win the United States Championship with short assistance from Randy Orton via an RKO. This marked the beginning of his second run with the mid-card title. It happened just 24 hours following the Survivor Series 2019 PPV where he received a WWE Championship match against Brock Lesnar only to come up short.
But achieving another title within a day turned out to be pretty significant. It was a desperate effort of the WWE officials to make the veteran superstar happy. According to the reports of Slice Wrestling, WWE will continue giving Rey Mysterio a 'push' because they want him to stay under their banner and eventually re-sign when the time will come.

Rey Mysterio signed a contract with the WWE for a two-year tenure back in September 2018. After this, he made the much-anticipated comeback on WWE TV on SmackDown's 1000th episode, a month later. The deal has a loophole in the form of an opt-out clause (if he is not happy with his position in the company) after 18 months pass by. It means he has the option to leave WWE in March 2020, a month before WrestleMania 36.

This is why WWE started featuring the Mexican Legend heavily with a main-event program against Brock Lesnar. Now the storyline will probably move into building a feud between Mysterio and his son Dominick to culminate a match at WrestleMania that in turn could block his exit from the company, (courtesy
"WWE now plans to give Mysterio a WrestleMania moment with his son, Dominick (who is expected to be called Prince Mysterio when he starts wrestling), which would result in Mysterio not leaving WWE in March as that's something Mysterio wants as a part of his legacy and too good of an opportunity to pass upon."

The Master of 619 has a pledge to build a proper platform for his son in the biggest pro-wrestling promotion of the world before he hangs up the boots for good. He is the sole reason that Dominick did land on the main roster, directly escaping the NXT division. Going by the current plans, it looks like he will be put over in a great way by his legendary father at the grandest stage of them all.

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