WWE superstars Dana Brooke and Batista set for first date?


Bengaluru, December 5: WWE superstar Dana Brooke is yet to do anything special to be remembered by the fans. But her recent altercations with WWE Legend Batista have surely grabbed eyeballs. It was back and forth 'rated-r' tweet exchanges between the two which eventually led to a date.

Both of them had recently gained a 'single' status and it did not take long for them to get on the same page.
Initially, the exchange of tweets looked like a direct try to troll the fans but the latest edition of WWE's The Bump indicated something else.

Dana Brooke appeared on the Youtube show to address the rumours and eventually confirmed that she will soon go on a date-night with Hollywood superstar, Dave Bautista. Although, she did not confirm when that will happen.
But it's almost certain that Dana Brooke and Batista have all the intentions to become the next power couple. Brooke, one of the unused female talents in the WWE stated that their romance started brewing during Ride Along.

She also added that she was being rejected after asking multiple men out. Later, a fan discovered Batista's tweet of being single again as well as Brooke's status which helped to setup this future relationship. This was the moment according to Brooke, when the duo decided to "put two and two together."
She also said there was no need to keep it a secret as it had already become pretty much public,
"This is all backwards, right? You try to keep your relationships on the down low and hush-hush for a minute, this is completely opposite. Everything is out there in the open, and I'm like, 'What's going on!?' This is crazy to me!"

The good thing is Batista and Dana Brooke already share good vibes through a set of mutual friends within and outside the WWE. So they already know each other pretty well,
"Dave and I, we understand each other's lifestyles, we understand each other's schedules. I love to support someone that is driven to their job and is passionate about what they do. We can relate on so many different levels as far as training and fitness. He also knows about the business and WWE," Brooke admitted.
The former NXT superstar also stated that she liked Batista as a film-star. While on a visit to Europe, she watched Stuber which featured the former WWE Champion.

She also hinted that the fans may see her accompany Batista on the red carpet premiere when his next film releases. Well, we wish them all the luck for future plans.

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