WWE Smackdown Results: Shane McMahon Fires Kevin Owens, Undertaker Makes an Appearance

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While Monday Night's edition of WWE Raw had a lot of momentum as it played out at Madison Square Garden, Tuesday night's WWE SmackDown from the same iconic venue was somewhat lacklustre, mere days before the Clash of Champions.

The evening saw Undertaker make an appearance and the selection of the second King of the Ring finalist. SmackDown also bore witness to Shane McMahon firing a rival.

The evening saw the news break out that Elias' injury has forced him out of the King of the Ring semifinal match with Chad Gable. Shane McMahon, however, informed Gable that he will not advance automatically, but will have to compete for it, which later turned out to be McMahon himself. McMahon also enlisted Kevin Owens as a referee for the match, implying his recent USD 100,000 fine for attacking Elias could be entirely erased if he did his job properly during the match.

Notably, the King of the Ring semifinals saw Chad Gable def. Shane McMahon via submission with and ankle lock. The match started out with Gable scoring a Chaos Theory German suplex for the win early on, following which McMahon immediately made the match 2-out-of-3 falls and attacked Gable. Owens began slow counting Gable pins while fast counting for McMahon, before Gable took the match out of Owens' hands locking in an ankle lock to force the submission and advance to the finals against Baron Corbin. The evening ended with Kevin Owens being fired by McMahon.

The evening also saw WWE champion Kofi Kingston cut an in-ring promo explaining the moment in 2009 when he put Randy Orton through a table during a Raw held at Madison Square Garden. He was soon interrupted by Orton who listed his own, more impressive, list of accomplishments over the last decade. A tussle soon broke through with Kingston giving fans the callback moment by putting Orton through a table in MSG once again with the Boom Drop.

Here's what else happened on WWE SmackDown:

The Miz def. Andrade via pinfall after a Skull-Crushing Finale. This was followed by Shinsuke Nakamura attacking Miz following the match.

Nikki Cross defeated Mandy Rose via pinfall following a roll-up.

Bayley defeated Ember Moon via pinfall after a Bayley-to-Belly. Following the match Charlotte Flair entered the ring, gesturing to the belt and her waist before Bayley was seen walking off.

Heavy Machinery defeated John Silver & Alex Keaton via pinfall following a Trash Compactor.

The evening also saw the Undertaker kick off the show talking about the heroes and legends born in Madison Square Garden. Sami Zayn interrupted the legend to demand the Undertaker leave the ring, only to be put down with a massive chokeslam. Furthermore, Erick Rowan cut an in-ring promo explaining his actions in attacking both Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan last week. Reigns interrupted and a brawl followed with Rowan powerbombing a fan onto Reigns and security, and eventually hitting him with a camera rig.