WWE SmackDown Results: Saga of Daniel Bryan, Rowan and Roman Reigns Continues, Kofi Kingston Lays Down Randy Orton

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Tuesday night's SmackDown, that continued the brand's journey towards the upcoming pay-per-view Clash of Champions, saw the Daniel Bryan, Rowan and Roman Reigns feud continue, and the Randy Orton-Kofi Kingston angle got more heat as well. The evening also saw Kevin Owens battle Elias and Apollo Crew feud with Andrade to see who would advance in the next round of the King of the Rings tournament.

Randy Orton kicked off the show speaking about his attack on Big E and Xavier Woods on Raw, relishing the fact that his attack ended with Woods being hospitalised. Kingston was soon out, and leveled Orton with a Trouble in Paradise. While he teased injuring Orton's ankle, The Revival’s Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder made the save. While the WWE Champion laid them out with chair shots, Orton was able to escape.

The evening also saw Daniel Bryan vowing to expose Buddy Murphy as a liar before a match scheduled between the two. Murphy answered with a big knee to the face as soon as the bell rand and nearly scored an upset. While the to and fro continued with the crowd heavily invested in Murphy, late in the match, the Australian wrestler evaded interference from Rowan, blasted Bryan with a knee to the face and ended the match with the Murphy's Law for the biggest victory of his career yet.

Here's what else happened on WWE SmackDown:

King of the Ring First Round -- Andrade defeated Apollo via pinfall after a hammerlock DDT.

The Revival defeated Heavy Machinery via pinfall after a schoolboy pin.

The evening also saw Charlotte Flair as the guest on "A Moment of Bliss segment. Flair took shots at Bayley, until the SmackDown Women's Champion came out to accept a challenge from Flair.

Chad Gable cut a backstage promo about his underdog status in King of the Ring. The evening also saw Sami Zayn being the guest on "Miz TV" where he addressed his losing streak and the "parasites" in the crowd. Soon enough, the Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura came out and after a bit of back-and-forth banter the trio, Nakamura laid out The Miz with multiple Kinshasas.

Finally, Kevin Owens was seen talking to Shane McMahon backstage, saying he realized how bad the USD 100,000 fine he'd been handed last week was for his family and asking McMahon to reconsider. McMahon said he was reconsidering his judgment and the fine, but would fire Owens should he ever lay his hands on another WWE official. This ended with Elias defeating Kevin Owens via pinfall in the King of the Ring First Round match, following a fast count by McMahon, who came to ringside in the middle of the match to eventually, insert himself as the official.