WWE SmackDown Results: Daniel Bryan Seeks the Truth, Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon Feud Continues

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Tuesday night's SmackDown saw strong in-ring action coupled with a few storylines that could have been done away with. While it did not have a shocking moment like Raw's return of Sasha Banks, but the storyline involving Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan, Buddy Murphy and Rowan started to get a concrete shape and Shane McMahon-Kevin Owens storyline continued despite the latter scoring a win in SummerSlam 2019.

Bryan and Rowan cut a promo from the entrance midway through the show, maintaining they had nothing to do with the recent attacks on Reigns and vowing to prove their innocence during the show. The evening also saw Roman Reigns defeat Buddy Murhy with a spear. Murphy held his own against Reigns until being taken down by Reigns with the devastating move.

Later in the evening, Bryan and Rowan confronted Murphy backstage, roughing him up when he refused to admit he lied about Rowan. Eventually, he relented, only to be attacked again for saying he had lied.

Here's what else happened on SmackDown:

Charlotte Flair defeated Ember Moon via submission with the Figure Eight.

The Revival and Randy Orton defeated The New Day via pinfall following a Shatter Machine to Xavier Woods.

The evening also saw Shane McMahon fining Kevin Owens $100,000 for his attack on Elias. As Kevin Owens tried to turn his attention to King of the Ring, Shane McMahon interrupted him and announced the fine. Later in the evening a match was set up between Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens. Even though KO slipped out of the Coquina Clutch and connected with a powerbomb, the referee was pulled out by Elias which allowed Joe to connect with a Samoan Submission Machine to roll up KO for a fast three count.

The New Day cut a backstage promo, including WWE champion Kofi Kingston, who explained his need to "do what he needed to do" when Randy Orton antagonized his family which led to the DQ loss at SummerSlam 2019.