WWE Smackdown Live results and highlights: September 18, 2018

Mark Hoover

Bengaluru, September 19: Last night on WWE Smackdown Live we saw coronation of the women's champion and two other champions in action on the show hosted by the BOK Center in Tusla, Oklahoma.

The Blue brand picked up on the fallouts from the Hell in a Cell and began their build up to Super Showdown in a solid way with multiple angles featuring the prime title feuds on the show.

This week's Smackdown kicked off with the arrival of the Miz, who was fresh off a upset win at Sunday's PPV came out to promote his match against Daniel Bryan at next month's Super Show-down. The Miz continued with his rants at Bryan and added he will beat Bryan again at Australia like he has everytime. The Hollywood A-Lister then said he deserves better than brawling with Bryan and then moved on to begin his signature show, The Miz TV.

The Miz introduced the mystery guest by stating that the person who will come out now is a person who makes very little appearance on Smackdown, but make headlines when he/she makes an appearance. Out came the guest, it was none other than his wife, Maryse. The pair celebrated their Hell in a Cell win and in the end Maryse informed that it would be her last appearance on Smackdown, for which crowd cheered. The irate Miz then called out Bryan, who came out to huge pop.

Bryan came down to the ring and responded to the pair in the ring and ended the segment by clearing the ring. Bryan pushed The Miz into Maryse who was later helped by the EMTs. The Miz got wild and started attacking Bryan, but ended up outside the ring even though Maryse helped him. This feud got even more heat now as we head to the event in Australia less than three weeks from now.

Next up, we saw Cesaro take on Kofi Kingston in the opening contest of Smackdown. Cesaro arrived with his partner Sheamus, while Kofi was joined by his New Day teammates. The matchup began with back and forth action as both men looked to gain upperhand in the tag team championship feud. In the end, Cesaro delivered the Neutralizer for the pinfall win.

Before the commercial break we see Rusev Day have an alteracation at backstage with Rusev and Lana being angry with Aiden English.

As we returned from the break, we saw Randy Orton bully a production worker to replay footage of him using the screwdriver on Jeff Hardy during the match at Hell In a Cell. Orton taunts the man and says what he did to Hardy will be nothing compared to what he does to his next victim.

Later, Rusev came out along with Lana for his US title match against Shinsuke Nakamura. After a lot of close calls and back & forth action, Nakamura tried to gain advantage by attempting the Kinshasa but Rusev blocked it with a Machka Kick.

Both men go to ground and English climbed the apron to get Rusev up on his feet and finish the match, but that caused more harm than good as Nakamura rolled up a distracted Rusev to earn the pinfall win to retain the title. After the match we saw the end of Rusev day as English attacked Rusev to end the segment.

Next up, it was time for AJ Styles vs Andrade "Cien" Almas. In a dramatic and even non-title contest, both men had close calls with a lot of signature moves involved. Almas grabbed AJ for the Hammerlock DDT but AJ resisted and dropped Almas. The pair then traded pin attempts. In the end, AJ turned one of the pin attempts into the Styles Clash for the win.

After the match, Samoa Joe rushed to the ring out of nowhere to attacks AJ, who fought back as Joe retreated through the crown to end the segment.

Later, we saw women's action as Asuka took on Billie Kay in a one-on-one matchup. After an even contest on the feet where Billie got a close fall on the back of a big boot, Asuka countered as she locked Billie into the Asuka Lock for the submission win.

Later, as announced earlier we saw GM Paige come out to coronate the newly crowned Smackdown Women's champion Becky Lynch. The Irish Lass-kicker was elated with her win and said that it took 2 long years but now she's back where she belongs. Becky then added from now on Smackdown will be her show and there should be no more being left off.

Charlotte Flair soon interrupted her, but claimed she was out there not to steal Becky's spotlight and to congratulate her on the win. Becky denied her claims and this led to a brawl between the pair which ended in Becky leaving Charlotte on the mat to end this week's Smackdown Live. They are set for a rematch at Super Show-down and this was hype added for their match.

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