WWE Smackdown: Daniel Bryan Beats Jey Uso in Steel Cage Match

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Friday night’s episode of WWE Smackdown was interesting in many ways. The steel cage match between Daniel Bryan and Jey Uso as expected was the showstopper and had the fans skip a heartbeat or two during the match. Some stellar moves were also displayed by Bianca Belair and Cesaro. The March 5 episode was indeed quite a treat for fans with a good amount of action and entertainment.

Here is a look at all that happened in Friday, March 5 episode of WWE Smackdown:

Steel Cage Match –Daniel Bryan vs Jey Uso: The much-awaited clash of the Friday night episode saw Bryan defeating Uso via submission. The match was quite intense as Uso not only lost inside the cage but also tapped out. The gruelling match saw the two men driving each other into the cage. It was obvious that the result of this would be nothing short of some very high-impact scenarios. As expected, things broke down into a full brawl after Bryan landed a series of heavy elbows on the ground before Uso could fight back.

Cesaro vs Murphy: The match since the very beginning seemed to be in favour of Cesaro. So when he won via pinfall, it was no shocker. As the bell rang, Cesaro grabbed Murphy and put him down after a waist lock. Next, we saw that Cesaro managed to catch Murphy mid-air and pulled of a backbreaker on him. The only impressive move by Murphy was when he managed to throw Cesaro out of the ring and attacked him with a giant dive.

Bianca Belair vs Shayna Baszler: The high on energy match started with some intense exchange of moves between the two women. It was very difficult to speculate as both of them had their own strengths in this match. In this bout, Bianca had the advantage of her power while Shayna’s experience acted in her favour. After some intense exchanges, Bianca managed to hit Shayna with her finisher in the ring itself. This sealed the win for her after she beat Shayna via pinfall.

Dominik Mysterio vs Chad Gable: This was one match whose result was quite unbelievable. Since the beginning, Gable was beyond amazing so when he lost to Mysterio via pinfall it was quite shocking. There were moments in this match that had convinced the viewer that this will be Gable’s game.

King Corbin vs Montez Ford: Corbin defeated his respective opponent via pinfall. In an action packed Friday night episode, this match was a rather boring one. However, what impressed WWE enthusiasts was Ford’s athleticism. Even though he lost to Corbin, his fans were still rooting for him.

Angelo Dawkins vs Sami Zayn: In the match, Dawkins was able to register the win against Zayn via pinfall.Dawkins attacked his opponent by hitting a corkscrew elbow in the corner. A part of his win can also be credited to Ford as he came in the way of the camera crew. As a result, Zayngot distracted and Dawkinslocked the win.