WWE Smackdown 1000 results and highlights: October 16, 2018


Bengaluru, October 17: WWE celebrated the 1000th episode of Smackdown last night at the Capital One Arena in Washington DC, where many legends and former stars of the blue brand were in attendance and a shocking title change took place. Plus, two last slots were filled for the world cup tournament which will take place next month at WWE Crown Jewel.

Truth TV opened Smackdown 1000 and provided one hell of an entertainment to the crowd. They had the seven-minute dance breaks for a couple of time before Stephanie McMahon arrived. Shane McMahon also joinder her inside the ring and the duo had a verbal war. Vince McMahon soon appeared on the show to stop the fun from being spoilt. In the end, they shared a dance-off moment, together!

Later, we saw the guy who was made in Smackdown, John Cena also take part in the celebration via video call as he did not want to miss out on the historic moment.

Later, AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan teamed up in the opening contest of Smackdown 1000 to take on the USOs. Bryan came up with the YES kicks to take control of the match. But he accidentally hit AJ Styles which allowed Jey Uso to knock down the champ. Jimmy and Jey Uso then hit Daniel Bryan with a double super-kick to pick up a big win.

Next up, Evolution reunited on Smackdown 1000 and they surely gave us goosebumps. Triple H, Ric Flair, Batista, and Randy Orton cut promos highlighting their career accolades. Batista got the longest mic time in his home-town and also mentioned how Triple H has never defeated him in his career to create tension between the four of them. Ric Flair separated them to end things in peace.

Later, The Miz competed in a world cup qualifying match against Rusev. Aiden English showed up and tripped Rusev to allow The Miz to pick up a roll-up win. Lana gave a low blow to Aiden for her husband to give English a beatdown.

Next up was time for Cutting Edge talk show as Edge returned on Smackdown 1000. He took us back down memory lane and reminded us how this show has been his home over the years. Becky Lynch was his guest and she admitted that Edge has been her idol since day one. The pair were interrupted by Charlotte Flair who came out say Becky was lying and gave a spear to her to start a brawl inside the ring.

The New Day were up against The Bar in a rematch for the Smackdown tag team titles. They were well in control of the match until Sheamus got tagged in and sent Kofi and Woods to the barricade. Later, the Big Show's music hit the arena and the woeld's largest athlete pretended like he was out there to help the champs. But he gave a chokeslam to Kofi which allowed Sheamus to pin him and The Bar eventually became five-time tag team champions.

Next up, Rey Mysterio returned in a match to prove that he has not lost touch for the last three years he has beeen away from the WWE. He competed in a world cup qualifier against Nakamura. The US champion gave an inside-out back suplex before calling for a Kinshasa. But Mysterio reversed it with a Hurricurana and followed it up with a 619. He then picked up the win by hitting a springboard splash.

While Mysterio was still celebrating, the gong struck and lights went off. The Undertaker walked down the ramp with his legendary entrance and delivered a short promo about how DX will Rest in Peace at WWE Crown Jewel. 'Taker's music played inside the arena as Smackdown 1000 came to an end.

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