WWE Rumour: Legendary Big Show to retire at WrestleMania 36


Bengaluru, Jan 22: It was great to see Big Show back on WWE programming on the very first episode of Monday Night Raw of 2020. After a hiatus from in-ring competition for more than two years, we could barely think of seeing the veteran back in action. But the itch of being a pro-wrestler dragged him back home that is the squared circle.
With three decades of wrestling experience, Big Show has barely missed a step let alone being hit by ring rust. But growing age is a factor that won't allow him to compete regularly for a long time and WWE also does not intend to stretch his stint. But what they can do is to arrange a farewell match for him at the grandest stage of them all come this April 5th in his hometown.
As per the reports from Slice Wrestling, WWE creative might be nurturing the idea of letting him compete in the retirement match of his career at WrestleMania 36. The event takes place in Tampa, Florida this year where Big Show owns a house.
So he can't expect to have a better send-off option. A couple of ideas have also been revamped by the source regarding the potential final match of The Giant.

Earlier plans were to set up Big Show vs. Braun Strowman at WrestleMania 36 as the latter one is the new resident monstrous persona in WWE locker room today following the footsteps of his predecessor. However, this match may not be possible since these two are performing in different brands, as of now. (Although, Show is not assigned to any specific brand, Raw or SmackDown)
The second option for the World's Largest Athlete is to arrange a tag team match which seems a more viable option considering the current feud that he's been involved in.
Big Show is currently providing backup for the alliance of Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens who are trying to prevent Seth Rollins from becoming the Monday Night Messiah with help from his heel faction also comprising of Buddy Murphy and AOP.
Regardless of which match WWE arranges for the former Champion, he should go away with pride after serving the company since debuting on February 22nd, 1999. This man has been the trusted shoulder for Vince McMahon since day one who deserves to be a first-ballot Hall of Famer, someday. At this point, competing in one last match at WrestleMania seems to be one last wish for him.

Recently, the seven-footer appeared in an interview with ESPN to note on his latest run with the WWE where he seems to be extremely grateful for the opportunity to be able to perform in a WWE ring, again.
He was happy to receive the overwhelming reaction from the fans, especially the children. While talking about his future, Big Show did mention that this potential last hurray with the biggest pro-wrestling banner should end for him with one last match at the biggest event of them all.
"That's every competitor's dream," Big Show said. "I'd love to get one more in. Especially because it's in Tampa, where I have a house, so I can drive home after the show."

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