Update on WWE Raw Women’s Title picture around Summerslam


Bengaluru, June 29: It was announced during last week's episode of Monday Night Raw that one half of the WWE Women's Tag Team Champion Sasha Banks is set to challenge Asuka for the RAW Women's Championship at Extreme Rules: The Horror Show.

That match was a unique booking from WWE's part since Sasha belongs to the SmackDown brand whereas the champion resides on the Raw brand. There's a specific reason why WWE had to confirm this match with fewer options available. The Wrestling Observer noted that WWE needed a top star to face Asuka as an opponent.
Facing off Nia Jax or Flair would seem repetitive as they were already in the middle of a three-way feud. So Sasha from SmackDown was chosen as Vince McMahon is heavy on some cross-brand affairs since firing Paul Heyman from Raw Executive Director's spot.
The source also informed that Charlotte Flair was previously set to be the next in line for a title shot, perhaps at Extreme Rules. But that plan was held off due to the kayfabe injury of The Queen at the hands of Jax. In reality, Flair will be out of action for elective surgery,
"Banks, a SmackDown wrestler, is going after the RAW Title likely due to Charlotte Flair being out of action. Flair had two wins over Asuka, but then lost to Asuka on television and did an injury angle off it."

This title match at Extreme Rules is supposed to be a stop-gap feud before SummerSlam in August where WWE plans to resume the three-way storyline. At Backlash, Asuka vs. Nia Jax ended in a Double Count-Out whereas the very next night on Raw, Asuka picked a soft roll-up win over Jax that definitely wasn't a proper end to the rivalry.
In the meantime, Jax has also got physical with Charlotte Flair and injured her left arm on a storyline perspective. Thus, it was earlier expected that WWE would have a Triple Threat match between Jax, Flair, and Asuka at Extreme Rules. But that plan had to be postponed as Charlotte Flair had to go on a hiatus for her surgery.
Currently, the plan is to put back the Triple Threat at SummerSlam 2020 as one of the main events of the August show. This bout is still reportedly in place when The Queen returns, possibly before the biggest event of the summer.

Earlier, some outlets suggested that Charlotte Flair is all set to miss the rest of 2020 and might only be back around WrestleMania 37. In changed circumstances, WWE can't afford to let go of a top name like her to be out of the action for a long time. So the ten-time women's champion should be back to go through her SummerSlam responsibilities and then might head into another hiatus to potentially star in a yet to be disclosed TV show.

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