WWE Raw Results: Seth Rollins Finds a New Follower, Brock Lesnar Issues Warning

Monday Night Raw from Kentucky saw Seth Rollins bring in a WWE superstar to his faction following the much-publicised 'fistfight' and also saw WWE champion Brock Lesnar issue warnings prior to Royal Rumble on Sunday, January 26.

The evening saw Paul Heyman speak on behalf of Lesnar, where an agitated crowd's 'you suck' prompted the superstar and Heyman to exit. However, they came back to the ring and Heyman once again pointed out that Lesnar would enter the ring first for the traditional 30-man-match and emerge as the winner during Royal Rumble.

Heyman's rantings were, however, interrupted when WWE 24/7 champion R-Truth interrupted the proceedings and officially declared himself in the Rumble. Truth went on to say that he knew Heyman would be thrown over the top rope before Heyman pointed out it was Lesnar would be participating and not him. Truth 'undeclared' himself from the bout before being hit with an F-5 by The Beast Incarnate.

The evening also saw the 'fistfight' between Seth Rollins and AOP against the team of Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe, and Big Show.

Prior to the main event, both sides showed promos with Rollins speaking to AOP about how much he has sacrificed and Big Show showing off his fist to Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe and saying it was all they would need. However, there was an interesting twist to the main event. A match between Aleister Black and Buddy Murphy saw the former defeating Murphy with two Black Mass kicks. Following the match, Murphy was seen sulking against the ringside barrier and even stayed through Erick Rowan's match till the main event.

The main event saw Seth Rollins and AOP (Akam and Rezar) defeat Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe & Big Show via stoppage in a fist fight. This was largely due to interference by Murphy who was still outside the ring. After Big Show decimated Rollins, the latter asked Murphy to help, which he did by delivering a low blow to Big Show.

By that time Owens and Joe were power bombed through the table on the entrance ramp, leaving Big Show with AOP, Rollins, and Murphy in the ring. After AOP hit a tandem powerbomb on Show, Murphy helped them set him up for a Stomp from Rollins bringing a close to the show.

Here's what else happened on Monday Night Raw:

· Becky Lynch and Asuka had a contract signing for their Royal Rumble title match.

· Drew McIntyre defeated AJ Styles (via pinfall) and Randy Orton after a Claymore Kick on Orton and pinning Styles.

· Ricochet defeated Mojo Rawley via pinfall following a 630.

· Charlotte Flair defeated Sarah Logan via submission after locking in the Figure-Eight.

· Bobby Lashley defeated Rusev via pinfall after a spear.

The evening also saw Mojo Rawley defeat R-Truth via pinfall to win the 24/7 title after Truth was attacked by Lesnar. Zelina and Andrade spoke backstage following an announcement for the US title ladder match with Rey Mysterio next week, where they said they have filed a criminal report against Mysterio.