WWE Raw Results: Drew McIntyre challenges Roman Reigns for ‘fight’ at WrestleMania; Ronda Rousey injures Dana Brooke

Drew McIntyre got the better of Seth Rollins but with help from Brock Lesnar. (Source: WWE)

Drew McIntyre decimitated Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose last week on WWE Raw, Drew McIntyre shifted his focus on the final Shield member, Seth Rollins, and threw down the gauntlet for a "fight" with The Big Dog at WrestleMania. As the duo brawled in the main event, Universal Champion Brock Lesnar played an unexpected role in the outcome of this match.

At the start of WWE Raw on Monday night in Chicago, McIntyre stated a victory against Rollins later in the night was so much of a sure thing that he confronted Team Brock and floated himself as a prospective replacement for WrestleMania. In that, he spoke too soon: Rollins ambushed McIntyre from behind, unleashing several chair strikes across the back of the "Career Killer" and bending the steel before making a beeline for The Beast. Only Lesnar was quick to react and bailed on his challenger before Seth could throw hands.

Before facing Rollins, McIntyre extended a challenge to Roman Reigns for WrestleMania by addressing him by his given name of "Joe" and begging The Big Dog to refuse for the sake of his wife and children. In the match itself, McIntyre came good by beating Rollins however with bit of help.

Left fuming by McIntyre's disrespect to Reigns, The Kingslayer rode an emotional wave of adrenaline against the Scotsman. But Lesnar's music hit just seconds before he was set to deliver the Stomp, and McIntyre capitalised on the distraction, bulldozing Rollins with a Claymore to earn the win. Now, McIntyre has dispatched two of the three Hounds of Justice in the ring, and has a very real chance of making the trifecta should Reigns accept.

Ronda Rousey sends Dana Brooke to the hospital

Ronda Rousey unleashed a brutal Armbar on Dana Brooke. (Source: WWE)

Having won an improbable first title match of her career by standing up to Ronda Rousey last week, Brooke was broken, literally, by The Baddest Woman on the Planet, and needed the intervention of the WWE security team to save her. During the match, Rousey injured Brooke after locking her in the Armbar. After the bell, Rousey refused to release the hold and applied additional pressure on Brooke's left arm. Brooke was taken to a local medical facility for further evaluation thereafter.

Rousey and her husband, UFC heavyweight Travis Browne, went after members of the security squad before making their way out of the arena through the concourse.

Clearly, last week’s fine didn’t deter her from going all guns blazing in the ring. The onslaught sends a strong message to Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair – Rousey’s opponents at WrestleMania.

Batista shares his side on the Triple H rivalry

With the clock ticking down on his No Holds Barred Match with Triple H at WrestleMania, Batista spoke with Michael Cole via satellite on WWE Raw. Batista answered Cole's questions carefully and thoughtfully while suggesting the roots of his grudge go as far back as his in-ring career.

Batista disputed the notion that he owed his career to Triple H, who he believes never saw him as anything more than his personal muscle. He also pinned his infamous 2010 exit, not "quit", on the fact that The Game chose to hold him down as his boss rather than support his ambitions as a friend.

The Animal’s actions in getting Triple H’s attention was further proof that Triple H never quite gave him the respect he deserved.

During the interview, the only time Batista's aggression got the better of him was when Cole attempted to defend The Game's integrity. Removing his shades, The Animal insisted that Triple H has the entire WWE office fooled and is as dangerous and controlling as he's ever been. He ended the interview with a twofold prediction: That Mr. McMahon would fire Triple H and end The Game's professional career, and Batista would take care of the in-ring portion at WrestleMania.

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Drew McIntyre def. Seth Rollins and challenged Roman Reigns to a "fight" at WrestleMania