WWE Raw Results: The Boss Sasha Banks returns, launches brutal assault on Becky Lynch, Natalya

Sasha Banks returns with a vengeance. (Source: WWE)

Appearing on WWE programming for the first time since WrestleMania 35, Sasha Banks reemerged on the Raw after SummerSlam, but it wasn t the warm homecoming the WWE Universe might have been expecting.

While an emotional Natalya addressed the WWE Universe, The Boss made an unexpected appearance and sucker-punched Natalya, tearing off her purple wig to reveal her all-new blue hair.

Meanwhile, WWE announced that the prestigious King of the Ring tournament will be returning on next week’s episode of Monday Night Raw. Here are the results from WWE Raw Monday:

Robert Roode def. No Way Jose

The Dominican Dancing Machine s Vote for Jose campaign may yet get its legs, but he was decidedly outmatched by the former United States Champion, who planted him with the Glorious DDT to mark an impressive showing.

Drew McIntyre def. Cedric Alexander

The WWE Cruiserweight Champion certainly made it difficult, stringing together two impressive sequences that left the towering Scotsman struggling to keep up. The Scot suffer a top-rope Spanish Fly that left him on wobbly legs. The former NXT Champion claimed victory by a split-second margin, thanks to a Claymore out of nowhere that turned Cedric end-over-end and proved enough to earn the three-count, to McIntyre s visible relief.

Andrade def. Rey Mysterio (2-out-of-3 Falls Match)

The former NXT Champion pinned Mysterio almost immediately for the first fall, with Zelina Vega handing an assist from the outside by holding Mysterio s foot to the ropes. Rey rallied back to connect with the 619, but Andrade countered a Frog Splash with his knees, rolled his legendary opponent to his feet, and struck with the Hammerlock DDT. The loss hit Mysterio hard; during the backstage interview, he tearfully admitted that he was unsure where his career was headed at this point, and he walked off with more questions than answers for us, and for him.

Ricochet def. Elias

The Living Truth came out strong against his high-flying opponent, tossing Ricochet around in an impressive display of power before grinding him to the mat in a headlock. Unfortunately, he suffered not one but two indignities to end the match: He failed to reach a guitar in the corner that might have dealt some damage to his opponent and was rolled up for a pinfall despite having a shoulder up beyond the ref s vision.

The Miz def. Dolph Ziggler

Miz had a bullseye to target, hammering the former World Heavyweight Champion s ribs to such a degree that Dolph couldn t close even after hitting a textbook Zig Zag. The Showoff s attempt at a superkick was thwarted, as Miz snatched the ankle, locked in the Figure-Four Leglock and forced a submission despite Ziggler nearly muscling his way to the ropes. The Showoff, however, grabbed hold of a mic and screamed that The A-Lister was a coward among other things as Miz tried to make his exit, and the former WWE Champion decided to strut down to the ring and hit the Skull-Crushing Finale to silence The Showoff.

Samoa Joe def. Sami Zayn

Samoa Joe submitted the former NXT Champion Sami Zayn with the Coquina Clutch in short order. Joe said he hadn t forgotten the WWE Universe labeling him the prime suspect in the attacks against Roman Reigns, and he’s certainly not about to forgive them for it either.

The Viking Raiders def. Carter Mason & Sebastian Suave

Erik & Ivar joyfully dismantled yet another pair of hometown products without a hope in the world, pinning their foes with the Viking Experience after a gleefully extended obliteration.

WWE Women s Tag Team Champions Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross def. The Kabuki Warriors

While The Pirate Princess connected with her signature InSane Elbow on Cross, Bliss broke up the pinfall, dispatched Asuka at ringside and left Sane at a 2-on-1 disadvantage she could not overcome. The former NXT Women s Champion found herself dropped by Cross swinging neckbreaker and square in the drop zone for Twisted Bliss, which hit its mark and extended the champs reign by another week. And given the way things are going, it could end up only being the first of many.

Universal Champion Seth Rollins def. United States Champion AJ Styles via Disqualification

Braun Strowman s arrival proved to be the final nail in AJ Styles night; The Monster Among Men singlehandedly took out Gallows & Anderson before planting Styles with a Running Powerslam. Rollins, understandably, was wary of the big man s presence, especially when Braun hungrily eyed the Universal Title at ringside.