WWE Raw announcer leaves role with an intent to retire Brock Lesnar


Bengaluru, December 5: Several weeks ago, WWE Raw announcer, Dio Maddin had a confrontation with Brock Lesnar and it did not go well for him. He stood up to Lesnar, who was about to attack fellow broadcast team member and Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler when in search for Rey Mysterio. Eventually, Maddin ended up going through an announce table courtesy of an F-5 from the WWE Champion.
Since then, we have not seen Maddin on duty in the flagship show. Now, WWE.com has given us an update stating that he is heading back to the developmental territory to resume his in-ring career.
The interesting thing about his in-ring return is that the former NXT superstar has set his sights on none other than Brock Lesnar! As per the latest tweet put out by him, he wants to retire the Beast Incarnate.

WWE has now used this kayfabe injury angle of Dio Maddin to set up a bigger in-ring return. They also provided an official update on the superstar, stating that he has now been officially removed from his position from the WWE Raw broadcast team. Meanwhile, they also revealed his replacement via the official website,
"Samoa Joe has been chosen to round out the Raw announce team as Dio Maddin pursues an in-ring return.
"Samoa Joe will fill the role as he recovers from a thumb injury. The larger than life Superstar garnered praise from the WWE Universe after a strong performance filling in for Maddin this past week. The former United States Champion has also been a recurring panelist for FS1's WWE Backstage."

As for Maddin, WWE believes that he could be 'a bona fide Superstar and is headed back to the WWE Performance Center' to accomplish his goal. With Brock Lesnar's name attached to him, he is bound to get some attention from the internet. However, there is no update on whether the creative team is interested to build on the one-off angle between the duo in the future.
Brock Lesnar has headed back to a hiatus following his involvement at Survivor Series 2019, where he competed against Rey Mysterio and successfully defended the WWE Championship. There is no confirmation on when he will be back. But WWE should book him at Royal Rumble for his next title match as it's the first big pay-per-view of 2020.

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