WWE NXT Results: Adam Cole Betrays Roderick Strong, Killian Dain and Drake Maverick Beaten

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The Wednesday night WWE NXT episode was gripping, entertaining and certainly high on energy. A couple of matches were too intense even for the most loyal WWE fans. There have been discussions around Zoey Stark, wherein a significant number of fans have been of the opinion that it is a bit too early for her to be taking part in the NXT women’s championship. Unfortunately, Stark’s performance proved that people were right after she badly lost the match to Io Shirai. Another intense match was Killian Dain and Drake Maverick vs The Grizzled Young Veterans. In this match, things became so intense thatDain ended up running away for saving.

Here is a quick look at the results of the matches that took place on Wednesday, February 24:

Dexter Lumis vs Johnny Gargano: Lumis defeated Gargano via submission. The match was not only a treat for WWE fans but was also filled with a good dose of drama. Dexter’s performance since the very beginning was quite solid and many viewers would have speculated his win beforehand. Further, one could also see that the winner of the bout had really worked on his game and was in no mood to get distracted, whatsoever. In a bid to perhaps distract him, Indi Hartwell tried her best to flirt with him, but he paid no heed and remained focused on the match.

Zoey Stark vs Io Shirai:Shirai defeated Stark via pinfall. Fans would agree that it is a tad too early for Stark to be wrestling in the NXT women’s championship. Shirai proved to her fans who the real winner is, by pulling off a stellar running knee strike and diving moonsault move to clinch the win. The match was intense and there really were moments that seemed to be nail-biting. During the bout, it was evident that Stark was trying hard to put away Shirai. A couple of her attempts seem to be quite intense, but none were as powerful to defeat Shirai.

Xia Li vsKacy Catanzaro:Li defeated Catanzaro via TKO. This intense match was eventually called off by the referee after Catanzaro cried out in pain. From the looks, it seemed that her knee had been terribly injured. The match began with a fierce attempt to attack from Li. Catanzaro somehow had managed to avoid that attempt. Soon after, Li caught Catanzaro attempting to fly, it was at that moment she attacked her in a way that dropped her chest first on the top rope of the ring. Followed by this move, Catanzaro replied with a dropkick sending Li to the corner. After that, a couple of intense exchanges happened till the timeCatanzaro reached a point where she could not get up owing to the severe pain.

Killian Dain and Drake Maverick vs The Grizzled Young Veterans:Grizzled Young Veterans won via pinfall. This was probably one of the most intense matches in the entire episode. Throughout the bout, it seemed that the two sides were in no mood to miss even the slightest of chance to clinch the win. There were moments where it seemed that Maverick would not be able to get up. The Grizzled Young Veteransside could not hit Doomsday Device on Maverick as Dain had run away for the save. There was a point in the match when The Grizzled Young Veterans member had lifted both Dain and Maverick together and threw them.

Karrion Kross vs Santos Escobar: Kross defeated Escobar via pinfall. Before the match formally began, Kross ended up attacking Legado Del Fantasma. This gave Escobar an opportunity to attack him from the back. Soon after, Kross was seen chasing Escobar into a truck. In his comeback move, Escobar hit the truck door onto Kross’ arm. Even though the attempt was quite strong, it did not make any difference to Kross. Eventually, when the two seemingly angry wrestlers made it to the ring, Escobar tried to hit him with a steel chair but that too did not seem to make a lot of difference to him. Things got quite intense when Escobar ended up tying his arm around a steel chair and driving it into the ring post. The match ended with Kross dragging Escobar to the table for a destructive Doomsday Saito. Kross had put in so much force that the announcer’s table was entirely smashed.